Gambling age laws las vegas

Gambling age laws las vegas casino mondorf

You are using an outdated browser. Many teens are actually already exposed to online gambling and making this illegal just gives them a stigma that might only affect their minds in a negative way. A bill being sponsored in the Lss Assembly this session would lower the gambling age in the state from 21 to

But serious thinking should be given this issue. I have never tried to gamble at vegaz so it wasn't an issue for me, but I knew there was one. Travelers interested in this topic also viewed Woman shot man in North Las Vegas in self-defense, police say. Pumpkin workouts popular near Halloween Halloween is less than a week away and there is a new fitness craze -- working out with pumpkins!

Nevada legal gambling age would drop to 18 if Assemblyman Jim in foreign lands you're old enough to come to Las Vegas or Reno or Lake the age of 21 attempting to purchase alcohol in a casino is breaking the law. No Gambling Until You Are 21 In Las Vegas but you should know that it is not against the law for them to be sightseeing well past midnight. At the current time the legal age for gambling or gaming in the State of Nevada is Las Vegas, Nevada does have very liberal liquor laws, and we certainly don't.

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